Court Approved Appraisal Service
Bartletts Classisc Surfboards offers a complete surfboard appraisal service that is the only court approved surfboard appraisal service available. For classic surfboards of substantial value, appraisals are needed for insurance and estate valuations.
The appraisal includes a detailed description of the surfboard and documentation of its value based on its unique qualities. The appraisal will include photographs of the surfboard and a valuation at the time of appraisal. A written appraisal of each surfboard of substantial value by an impartial expert in the field is important to document the surfboards value to the estate.

Appraisals may be requested by contacting Jon Bartlett via e.mail to [email protected] or by calling 323-314-8079

Re: Estate of Smith
Case Number: 37-2009-00151436-PR-TR-CTL
December 10, 2009, San Diego County Superior Court
Paul Sorrention, Esq., Jackson Lewis LLP, San Diego, California